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Tissue Stainer AE-700
Tissue Slide Stainer is essential in doing the pathological research, this instrument is designed for saving the fussy process of manual tissue staining.

Tissue Stainer AE-700

Tissue Slide Stainer is essential in doing the pathological research, this instrument is designed for saving the fussy process of manual tissue staining.


1.Number of cylinders: 18 

(One cleaning cylinder, one drying cylinder)


(Single basket 47 slides)double baskets run together will be 94 slides

3.Operation mode: Running multiple baskets continuously

(Continuous batch dyeing)

4.Set time per cylinder:1 second~99 minutes 59 seconds

5.Set temperature:0°C~99°C

6.Storable program:6 sets

7.The basket rises and trembles:0-10 times



1.Can continuously run the dye box

Multiple staining racks can be run at the same time for continuous batch dyeing

(Can meet large quantities of work)

2.Color LCD touch screen display

Icon display, showing all operating parameters, intuitive and clear. Can directly modify the parameters on the icon display, touch screen operation, Commonly used reagents such as xylene, which volatilizes in the air, are harmful to the human body. Commonly used air purification uses activated carbon adsorption purification, that is, physical purification. Activated carbon purification requires a certain adsorption temperature (60 °C ~ 70 °C in the first stage, 20 °C ~ 40 °C in the second stage) and a certain adsorption time (1 hour or so) to completely remove. The moisture and dust in the air will affect the activity of activated carbon, thus affecting its effectiveness, so it must be replaced or regenerated.

3.Ion purification can overcome the above drawbacks.

Ion purifying produces ions by ionizing gases, changing and decomposing harmful gases (hydrocarbons) that can completely remove harmful substances without maintenance

4.Six programs can be stored

Six common operating procedures can be stored.

5.Automatic location memory function

Each time it runs automatically, it can find the starting position and memorize it to ensure that the wrong cylinder phenomenon does not occur in each run, and each cylinder uses a separate positioning method to increase the positioning accuracy.

6.With alarm function, such as the dyeing rack into the end of the cylinder, the front staining rack is still not taken away at the end of the cylinder, there is an alarm to promptly handle.

7.Anti-card cylinder function

8.With drying cylinder

9.Automatic water inlet, drainage

Automatic water drainage, with overflow protection

10.The running parts adopt bearing linear guides, which have high precision, low resistance, stable operation and wear resistance, and can maintain their reliability for a long time.

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