AELAB Soil Moisture, Temperature, Salinity, pH Recorder
Soil moisture sensors find applications across an array of industries and verticals, including agriculture, construction and mining, residential, forestry, landscaping and ground care, research studies, sports, and weather forecasting
Soil Moisture, Temperature, Salinity, pH Recorder
TZS‐PHW‐4Soil moisture, temperature, salinity, and pH recorder
Soil TemperatureUnit: °C
Range: ‐40°C~100°C Accuracy: ±0.5°C Sensor length: 25cm
Resolution: 0.1°C
Soil moistureUnit: %(m³ ) Range: 0~100%
Response time: ≤ 2s Relative error: ≤3% Standard cable length: 1.5m (customized: up to 1000m)
Optional: Measuring the moisture content of Deep soil,
soil auger is recommend .
Soil salinityRange: 0~19.99ms/cm
Sensors can be buried into soil.
Soil pHRange: ‐0‐14 Accuracy: ±0.5


+Small and exquisite, easy to carry and LCD display;
+Collect settings: working unattended can be set to timing or manual collect data, recording and save data automatically;
+Both AC and DC available, internal lithium battery: 8.4v 1500mAh, with function: charging protection,low voltage prompt. Also can be placed for a long time to record location;   
+Large Storage capacity
+Data can be read on handset and also import to PC.
+Power‐off memory function: data already saved in SD card won’t lose when lose power.
+Probe to probe Consistency, handset can connect different kinds sensor by concentrator without influence on accuracy.
+Auto detection: when sensor connects to handset, you can search different sensor.
+RS485 wire communication, sensor communication cables could reach about 100 meters.
+Low‐power design, equipped with system monitor and protection function to avoid short circuit or interference from external.
+GPS positioning is optional function.

+Showing the curve trends of each parameter, Max, Min, and Avg. Zoom in and out function.
+Coloring the overrun area function, it is visual display.
+Save the data in EXCEL format as a copy.
+Be able to view period of parameter or graph, and can be printed.
+All curvilinear coordinates can be set and move, which make analysis easier.

Handset technical parameters:
+Storage capacity: almost up to 30,000 groups in handset, and it is standard equipped with 4G Micro SD.
+Data‐collection interval: 5min~99hour
+Working power supply: 8.4V lithium battery
+Working current: stand‐by power consumption 10mA, working power

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