AELAB Silicon oil heating freeze dryer
Product Description. Silicone Oil Heating Freeze Dryer finds application in food processing, pharmaceutical, and medical sector for drying of samples so as to assure safe storage. It has a temperature range of -50 to +70 degrees Celsius with freeze drying area of 1.0 m2.
Silicon oil heating freeze dryer
LGJ-20F/30F/50F/100F (silicon oil heating) freeze dryer as our patent machine, freezing and drying process made in situ.It changes the complex operation and prevent sample pollution and make dying automation.These models has shelf heating and programmable functions They can records freeze drying curves, data can be output by U-disk User can clearly view the freeze drying process.
Product Description. Silicone Oil Heating Freeze Dryer finds application in food processing, pharmaceutical, and medical sector for drying of samples so as to assure safe storage. It has a temperature range of -50 to +70 degrees Celsius with freeze drying area of 1.0 m2.

+Pre-Freezing and drying process are both finished on shelf.
+Shelf temperature uniformity≤±1℃,with uniform drying effect.
+Shelf temperature adjustable, controlled, suitable for pilot and production.
+Freeze drying parameter can be changed during freeze dryer running, and records final drying data.
+7 inch embedded integrated color touch-screen. PLC controlling, Display drying curve.
+Square tray easy to operate and clean.
+With charging valve, to fill dry inert gas.
+Drying chamber door using colorless transparent organic glass, user can clearly viewproducts freeze-drying process.
+Optional eutectic point test functions, convenient for getting freeze-drying process of the sample.
+Optional remote monitoring and remote operation functions, convenient for user operation in different conditions.
+Vacuum regulation device is optional.

Technical Specifications:
ModelAE-LGJ-20F StandardAE-LGJ-30F StandardAE-LGJ-50F   StandardAE-LGJ-100F StandardAE-LGJ-20F    
AE-LGJ-30F    Top-pressAE-LGJ-50F 
AE-LGJ-100F  Top-press
Freeze drying area0.20.40.691.040.20.3060.51.152
Condenser temperature-75℃-75℃
Vacuum degree5Pa5Pa
Water capture capacity3Kg/24h6Kg/24h10Kg/24h15Kg/24h3Kg/24h6Kg/24h10Kg/24h15Kg/24h
Type of coolingCold and well-ventilated, Rt≤25℃Cold and well-ventilated, Rt≤25℃
Shelf size400×270mm 2+1layers300×340mm 4+1layers480×360mm 4+1layers480×360mm 6+1layers400×270mm 2+1layers300×340mm 3+1layers410×410mm 3+1layers480×600mm 4+1layers
Bulk capacity Thickness:10mm2L, Thickness:10mm4L, Thickness:10mm7L, Thickness:10mm10L, Thickness:10mm2L,Thickness:10mm3L, Thickness:10mm5L, Thickness:10mm10L, Thickness:10mm
Vials loading number(pcs)Φ12mm:1554Φ12mm:2916Φ12mm:4676Φ12mm:7014Φ12mm:1554Φ12mm:2187Φ12mm:3705Φ12mm:8624

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