PRP kits
PRP kits can be used in many medical fields and are produced by different brands for different uses.
PRP kits

PRP kits

Advantage of PRP treatment                                                              

 Fundamental treatment

Fundamentally reduces pain and inflammation of damaged tissue by activating the autotherapy pr ocess of human bodies

 Powerful healing efficiency

Regenerate damaged tissues swiftly (Growth Factor) by injecting PRP, extracted from autologous blood, directly into the damaged tissues

 Quick and efficient treatment

As the healing and regeneration speed of  PRP treatment is 2-3 times faster than other conventional medical treatments, it recovers athletes’ injuries quickly. After this PRPprocedure, you can resume normal activities without hospitalization additionally.

 Safe treatment

Because of treating by autologous blood, it’s a safe treatment that hardly has side effects including allergy, infection, etc


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