low speed lab centrifuge
Benchtop High & Low Speed centrifuge
Benchtop High & Low Speed centrifuge is widely applied in experiments and scientific researches of various fields such as biochemistry,genetic engineering,forestry science,food safety.

Benchtop High & Low Speed centrifuge TGD20

Product Introduction

TGD20 is a multifunctional centrifuge which can take both angle rotor and swing rotor . its can meet requirement of bio-technology , PCR, life science and clinical labs etc. Also suitable for routine sample analysis in Medical, Hospital and Institutional laboratories. With a wide choice of rotor heads and adapters, this unit is truly versatile.


1.Microprocessor control, speed control by frequency-conversion

2.Maintenance free Frequency-conversion motor without carbon dust pollution.

3.Both High speed angle rotor and low speed swing rotor can meet different requirement

4.Safety Interlock system that prevents opening the centrifuge lid during running.

5.10 programs can be stored, quickly recall the last used program.

6.Imbalance sensor, Over speed and over temperature cut off

7.Easy operation, LCD touch screen, compressor control.

8.With Emergency lid lock release, in case of power off.


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