AELAB AA1800 Series 3 Lamps Turret Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Atomic absorption spectrophotometers are used in many industries including environmental testing, metal analysis, semiconductor manufacturing, petroleum and chemical production, and in pharmaceuticals .

AELABAA1800 Series 3 Lamps TurretAtomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

AE-AA1800F atomic absorption spectrophotometer is absorted the latest international technology and famous universities jointly complete R & D, application experience with decades of spectral instrument.
The products include the flame , graphite furnace and hydride generation system, can be equipped with various accessories, flexible configuration program can meet different customer demand. AE-AA1800F atomic absorption spectrometer can be used for analysis of complex samples ,full automatic multifunctional, various analysis methods can automatically switch, unmanned automatic analysis.
AE-AA1800F atomic absorption spectrophotometer is now widely used in scientific research,quality control, disease control, environmental protection, metallurgy, agriculture,chemical industry .Hardware and software design of innovation to ensure the accuracy,safety, ease of use in the analysis of samples, equipment maintenance, simple and convenient.
Atomic absorption spectrophotometers are used in many industries including environmental testing, metal analysis, semiconductor manufacturing, petroleum and chemical production, and in pharmaceuticals .

Main features:
1.High precision automatic optical system
1800 / mm reticle (dispersion rate) large area grating monochromator, a new type self collimation, all lenses are quartz coating, the detection range and the stability of optical broad to ensure the precision of analysis. Automatic 3 socket configuration 3 independent lamp power supply, can be respectively preheating
2.Polymer spray chamber
Polymer materials corrosion spray chamber, acid and alkali resistance, includinghydrofluoric acid, either organic or inorganic solution can be the highest sensitivity andstability
3.Titanium burner
Titanium burner, the optional 50mm and 100mm burner, air cooling pre mixed type,corrosion resistant, resistant to high salt, greatly improve the analysis efficiency andaccuracy of the flame
4.Automatic analysis
It can automatically accomplish safety ignition, extinction and switching, reliable structure,low fault rate, thus ensuring the sensitivity and reproducibility of the flame method.
The light source system six lamp automatic conversion, can be directly used high performance hollow cathode lamp, improve the sensitivity analysis of the flame, the automatic adjustment of the power supply parameters and the beam position, automaticwavelength scanning and searching peak
5.Software function
High intelligent software, powerful function, friendly interface English operation.Automatic instruments and additional control, flame, graphite furnace operating mode can be switched automatically, automatic optimization, automatic dilution; mouse operation, automatic setup menu data and correction method

Technical Specifications:
Model  AE-AA1800F
Light Source  ≤3 lamps automatic turret, automatic alignment
Power Supply  110/220V (+5% ~ -10%), 60/50Hz; 5000VA
Lamp Current  pulsed power supply
Optical System  large 1800 /mm grating ruling, full closed optical system
Wavelength Range  180nm-900nm
Automatically peak find,a key optical optimization function
Wavelength Accuracy  ≤0.15nm
Wavelength Repeatability  ±0.1nm
Spectral Bandwidth  0nm, 0.2nm, 0.4nm, 1.0nm, 2.0nm (5 steps with automatic changeover)
Baseline Stability  ≤±0.002A/30 min (Static)
≤±0.005A/30min (Dynamic)
Absorbance Range  0-4A Flame Analytical System
Detector imported photomultiplier tube
Burner Head  full titanium combustion head, 50mm or 100mm general combustion head
Atomization Chamber  polymer explosion-proof spray chamber
Nebulizer atomizer efficient glass atomizer, can also be customized
Ignition Type  microcomputer control, automatic ignition
Gas Control  automatic gas control system
Detection Limits(Cu)  0.002μg/mL
Precision RSD≤0.5%