AELAB Steam Sterilizer Autoclave Sterilization AE-H120KC, AE-H200KC ,AE-H300KC
AE-H120KC, AE-H200KC ,AE-H300KC
AELAB Steam Sterilizer Autoclave Sterilization AE-H120KC, AE-H200KC ,AE-H300KC

+ Intelligent microcomputer control system: Using LED digital control system; After sterilization finished, sterilizer will automatic alarm and shut down.
+ Electric interlock device: The control system can real time supervision the sterilizer chamber’s temperature and pressure. Only under the safety temperature and pressure can open the sterilizer’s cover. Make sure the operator’s safety.
+ The structure of cover’s opening: Using 8 rotary extendable stick to improve sealing and safety performance.
+ Preset program: Can preset fixed program that sterilize and dry the liquid and solid body.
+ Memory storage system: Store the last operation program so convenient next operation.
+ Exhaust steam control: After sterilization, exhaust steam valve automatically work when sterilization time run out(apply to Auto exhaust and dry configuration).
+ Interface check: Provide temperature and pressure check interface; convenient to check multiple position temperature measurement.
+ Digital display screen: Digital display screen and working indicator light display running state.
+ Safety devices: Interlock device, overtemperature and over pressure protecting system, burned protection, safety relief valve, current leakage protector and automatic fault detection.
+ Print function(add configuration): Print the current temperature and sterilization time.

Technical Specifications:
ConfigurationSemi-automatic ControlSemi-automatic ControlSemi-automatic Control
The main materialStainless steelStainless steelStainless steel
Voltage/Power380V/2.5Kw X 3380V/3kw X 3380V/4Kw X 3
Packing size(L x W x H mm)1340x730x17001640x830x18001640x930x1900
Product size(L x W x H mm)1220x620x15401550x720x16401550x820x1740
Sterilization chamber volume
(D x H mm)
400 x 960500 x 1120600 x 1240
Basket size(Upper length X upper width X lower length X lower width X height mm)380x340x380x225x140480x440x480x250x195500x540x500x300x230
Time setting range0-99 h0-99 h0-99 h
Rated working pressure0.217MPa0.217MPa0.217MPa
Sterilization temperature setting range50134℃50134℃50134℃