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AELAB Soil bulk density tester YDRZ-4L
Soil bulk density tester used in the measurement of apparent density, the pourability of plastic materials such as molding powders.
Soil bulk density tester YDRZ-4L
YDRZ-4L soil bulk density measuring instrument according to the national standard GBT50123-99 requires the newly developed product"YDRZ-4L"type sand filling bulk density measuring instrument. The soil bulk density meter is suitable for on-site determination of the density of coarse-grained soil. It has a chassis, a sanding funnel, a bulk density bottle, and the valve is structurally strong and durable, and is made of stainless steel. The volume of the sand bottle is strictly calculated and the calibration error of the electronic balance is within 5g, which provides reliable data for the experiment. The sanding funnel is 135mm high and the volume of the sand bottle is 4L.The product also has a series of products (plastic, Iron sheet) is available.

Using the ring cutter method, the guide rod and the drop hammer are used to apply natural pressure to the ring cutter without affecting the original structure of the soil.

2ring cutters, 2 ring cutters, 1 orientation cylinder, 1 guide rod, 1 drop hammer, 2knobs
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