AELAB Mute Ultrasonic Cleaner AE-XDS Series
AELAB Mute Ultrasonic Cleaner AE-XDS Series
AE-250XDS AE-300XDS AE-500XDS AE-600XDS AE-700XDS AE-800XDS AE-1000XDS AE-1500XDS AE-3200XDS
AELAB Mute Ultrasonic Cleaner AE-XDS Series 

+ 3.2 inch Chinese LCD screen showing factory name and product brand
+ LCD screen showing instrument type, ultrasonic power, ultrasonic frequency,
+ Ultrasonic time, ultrasonic temperature, parameters detailed and clear
+ LCD display over temperature, over voltage, over current, malfunction beep alarm
+ Acrylic machine panel, beautiful and generous, light and convenient
+ All-Chinese touch-button operating system for operating the instrument
+ Unique SweeP technology for automatic frequency tracking and uniform ultrasonic distribution
+ Unique Degas technology to achieve rapid degassing and work efficiency,
+ Ultrasonic circuits of the instrument, designed at the industrial level, can work continuously for 72 hours
+ Instrument mute design, using high-quality sound-down materials to ≤60 decibels of working noise
+ The instrument is drained by stainless steel pipes, mini ceramic core valves, high temperature and never rust
+ The instrument's heating system, which uses ceramic plates to make the temperature more stable and accurate
+ A handle is installed on both sides of the instrument to facilitate handling and transportation
+ The inner groove of the instrument is punched with high quality 304 stainless steel plate
+ The instrument's net frame, housing and sound-down cover are made of 304 stainless steel

Technical Specifications:
ModelMachine sizeInner slot sizeCapacityUltrasound frequencyUltrasonic powerPower adjustableheating powerTemperature adjustableTime adjustableGrid   Cover
L * W * H (mm)L * W * H (mm)(L )(KHz)(W)(%)(W)()(min)Drainage
AE-3200XDS320×180×350300×150×15064016010-100400Room temperature -801-9999Yes
AE-5200XDS320×270×350300×240×150104020010-100600Room temperature -801-9999Yes
AE-250XDS320×270×350300×240×150104025010-100600Room temperature -801-9999Yes
AE-300XDS320×270×350300×240×150104030010-100600Room temperature -801-9999Yes
AE-7200XDS350×320×350330×300×150154040010-100800Room temperature -801-9999Yes
AE-500XDS530×320×385500×300×15022.54050010-1001000Room temperature -801-9999Yes
AE-600XDS530×320×385500×300×15022.54060010-1001000Room temperature -801-9999Yes
AE-700XDS530×320×385500×300×200304070010-1001200Room temperature -801-9999Yes
AE-800XDS530×320×385500×300×200304080010-1001200Room temperature -801-9999Yes
AE-1000XDS740×440×900600×300×4007240100010-1004000Room temperature -801-9999Yes
AE-1500XDS840×540×900700×400×40011240150010-1006000Room temperature -801-9999Yes

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