AELAB Micro-plate Reader/Elisa Reader SPR-960
AELAB Micro-plate Reader/Elisa Reader SPR-960

1. Advanced optical system, ensure accurate result and good repeatability.
2. 8 channel optical fiber system enables 5 secs’ reading for 96 well plate.
3. Bichromatic measurement, multi-calculation methods include ABS, Cut-off, Linearity and Log.
4. Easily programmable and operate through PC software or keyboard
5. Ability to communicate with PCfree PC operating software
6. Plate shaking feature
7. 405nm, 450nm, 492nm, 630nm, 4 free positions
To carry out ideal operation and data management for Elisa test, we provide an intelligent PC software for SPR-960
8. Working base on Windows system.
9. Control machine, test programming, calculating results and indicating reagent recession curve.
10. Multi-calculation methods on board: linearity, LogX, logY, logXY, Parabola regression, Polynomial regression, 4PL Regression.
11. A complete data administration system for: micro-plate, reagent, patient, laboratory and results.

Technical Specification:

Model: SPR-960
Reading Speed: 5 seconds for 96 well plate
Light source: Halogen lamp 8V/50W     
Filters: 405nm, 450nm, 492nm, 630nm, 4 open positions
Photometric Range: 0.000-4.000Abs  
Photometric Accuracy: ±1%(0.000-2.000Abs)
Wavelength Range: 340~750nm
Applicable programs: 28 except of PC    
Measure Mode: Monochromatic , Bichromatic    
Calculation Mode: ABS; Cut-off; Linearity; LogX; LogY
Display: 240*128LCD           
Interface: RS232, parallel interface for external printer  
Output:  External printer (optional)  
Power supply: AC220V/110V±10%,50/60Hz
Dimension:  440(L)mmX305(W)mmX154(H)mm  
Net weight:  7kg