AELAB Kjeldahl Analyzer ZDDN-II
It is used to perform nitrogen analysis and protein determination in food & feed industry, environmental industry, chemical industry etc.

ZDDN-II Kjeldahl Analyzer

It is used to perform nitrogen analysis and protein determination in food & feed industry, environmental industry, chemical industry etc.


+ Adopt microcomputer controlling process; include manual mode and automatic mode. Can be set and switched according to user's need.
+ Large array LCD display, touch key, easy to operate.
+ Automatically control distill, add water, control water level are cut off water supply.
+ Various security protections: digestive system security device, steam generator water shortage alarm, water level detection fault alarm.
+ Stored operation procedure quantity: 250
+ Instrument shell adopts specially made plastic spray steel. Working area adopts ABS anticorrosive board, Avoid chemical reagent corrosion and mechanical surface damage, acid proof and alkali proof.
+ Once detected fault, controlling system will power off automatically

Technical Specifications:



Measure variety

foodstuff, feedstuff, foods, dairy products, drink, soil, water,medicine, precipitate and chemical.

Working mode

Automatic and manual (without titration)

Storing data

250 datum

Measure range

0.1mgN-200mgN (nitrogen content 0.1%-99%)

Recovery rate

≥99% (relative error, include digestion process)

Repetition rate

relative standard deviation±1%

Working hours

distillation time: 5-15 minutes, the user can set automatically according to different samples.


AC 220V, 50Hz

Cooling water consumption

distillation fraction 3L /min (water temperature is less than 20 degrees)

Distillation fraction power supply


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