AELAB Glass Bead Sterilizer GBS-10A
Glass Bead Sterilizer
AELAB Glass Bead Sterilizer GBS-10A
Glass Bead Sterilizers are a Quick, Easy and Accurate alternative to traditional methods of sterilization. Once switched 'ON', the units are ready to use within 15 Minutes and ensure total sterilization by destruction of all Micro-Organisms within 10 seconds.
Glass Bead Sterilizers are incorporated with an imported thermostat, which maintains the temperature with 100-300°C. These units, having a stainless steel body, are compact enough to be placed on any Laminar Air Flow Work benches or any other work side tables in a clean room atmosphere.

Technical Specifications:
ModelGBS-10A   GBS-10B   
Crucible sizeФ40×80 mmФ40×140 mm
Preset Temperature Range100-300°C
Temperature Accuracy≤±5°C
Initial Stabilization Time10 minutes
Up to Max.Temp Time≤25mins
Weight of Glass Bead150g300g
Material of LidStainlessStainless
Input100-120 V/ 200-240V,50/60Hz
NOTE: Temperature Range can be set according to customers requirements