AELAB Digital Vacuum Oven AE-HZ Series
The vacuum drying oven is designed especially for drying material which is thermo-sensitive, easy-decomposable and easy-oxidative.
AE-HZ6020L AE-HZ6050L AE-HZ6090L AE-HZ6210L AE-HZ6500L
Digital Vacuum Oven
The vacuum drying oven is designed especially for drying material which is thermo-sensitive, easy-decomposable and easy-oxidative.

+Digital display vacuum meter automatically controls vacuum, providing you with more accurate and effective vacuum control.
+Sides heating method and layer plate heating method, (30L/50L models  5 sides heating method) the heating element is located around the outside of the chamber and the back wall, and add aluminum plate material with better heat conduction, can make the temperature evenly conduction into the box.  (90L/210L/500L models use layer plate heating mode) heating elements distributed in the shelf, can accurately control the temperature of each layer ,in order to ensure the stability of the sample experiment.
+Using a large LCD color screen, display temperature and set temperature are represented by different colors, at a glance to observe the actual operating status of the equipment.
+Cuboid studio, to maximize the effective volume, and equipped with multi-layer shelf, can be convenient for customers to adjust in different sample volume experiments.
+Nitrogen air inlet, the equipment is equipped with a standard nitrogen air inlet. If the experimental sample needs an inert environment, it can be filled with inert gas or other gases through the air inlet.
+The flexible door structure can make the customer better seal the box when the door is closed and vacuumized, and the door can be opened very easy.
+The working chamber is made of stainless steel plate, and the outer is made of high quality cold rolled steel plate, with electrostatic spray on the surface.

Power RequirementAC220V 50HZAC380V 50HZ
Temperature RangeRT+10250
Temperature Stability±1
Display Resolution0.1
Vacuum Degree133Pa
Timing Range19999min
Standard Shelves1pcs
 (Independent heating and temperature control, fixed)
(Independent heating and temperature control, fixed)
(Independent heating and temperature control, fixed)
Power Consumption450W1200W1400W2200W3500W
Interior Dimension
 (W×D×H mm)
External Dimension (W×D×H mm)590×470×1370575×510×1170620×590×1270730×735×1560795×945×1765

1. The technical parameters are tested at the conditions of ambient temperature 20, 50%RH, no load, no strong magnetic and no vibration.
2. The picture is for reference only, please refer to the actual goods.
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